About Curvy Cupcake DD…

Hello! I am Curvy Cupcake DD! I’m your girl next door,… the girl you stand behind at the grocery store and have no idea that I’m a tattoo model. I have big brown eyes, 38DDs, soft buddha belly, amazing ass, beautiful legs, lots of tattoos and piercings.  I model mainly because I enjoy it.  I love playing dress up and making some great art.  I also model because I’m proud of my curves and tattoos.


I want to work with people that have ideas of their own and can pull together a complete shoot. I get tired of being the one that has to always come up with ideas and how to pose. I get offers from different photographers from time to time and when I look at their portfolio its horrible. Its one or two poses of a girl in very unflattering positions with very generic backgrounds. It appears the photographers only goal was to get their clothes off.

Contact me and let’s have some fun!!!


4 Responses to “About Curvy Cupcake DD…”

  1. Carlos Pecina Says:

    Hello saw ur pics very tasteful keep up the good work

  2. Carlos Pecina Says:

    Good morning to you have a great day

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